There is always opportunity!

Posted by Harper Stephenson Posted at February 7, 2023 Posted in Motivation, Wise words, Work and Career

Written by Mark Whitaker (Director, Harper Stephenson Search)

There is always opportunity!

The current market provides some interesting opportunities.

Those laid off from big tech companies may join a small to mid level company (who didn’t over hire) and find themselves in a more rewarding environment where they can grow and make a bigger impact (for some small > mid level companies, there are opportunities to pick up strong talent right now!). Those same ex big tech workers might never have considered those small to mid range companies before.

Perhaps laid off workers might start their own companies, and find new freedoms in both their work and personal life, that were not there before. This can be transformational in your life, and that opportunity might not have been considered strongly before.

If you are able to, you might move overseas to get a new job, and experience a different culture that broadens your experience.

You might pivot in your career, and go down a different pathway. You may ultimately wonder why you didn’t do it earlier!

The above may not happen immediately, but it’s important to remember that change can create opportunity 🙂

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