Simple Solutions for complicated recruitment

Simple Solutions for complicated recruitment

Simple Solutions for complicated recruitmentSimple Solutions for complicated recruitmentSimple Solutions for complicated recruitment

Who we are


    Harper Stephenson Search is a niche recruitment business with a difference.  
We’ve developed a new partnership business model for our clients whereby we offer a  bespoke and flexible recruitment subscription model. We work in close partnership with our clients to source, engage and recruit the best available talent.  By working on a flexible subscription basis, we are removing expensive recruitment fees, and we align our interests more closely with those of our clients.

We’re specialists working with companies in the SME digital sector, who are usually 50-250 people in size and who are undergoing, or who have plans for high growth. Our flexible solutions, offer them a cost effective & quality recruitment partnership option that enables them to achieve their potential.

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Who are our clients

  We work best as a niche recruitment business, working with high growth clients in the digital sector.  These could be digital agencies, eCommerce companies, and businesses with a technology focus.  Our partnership model is most effective when working with high growth clients,  who are ambitious and who need the best people quickly, to help grow their business.  These companies are usually 50-250 people in size, and with these companies we aim to offer an exceptional level of service, where we can work together to achieve outstanding results. 

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Why are we different

Growth businesses fuel their progress with talented people. The traditional recruitment model has a “one size fits all” way of looking at things and working with clients. It doesn’t offer either the in-depth understanding and integration that a true partnership offers, and it can be expensive, especially for growth businesses on tighter budgets. We offer a bespoke, partnership based service, whereby we integrate into our client businesses to offer both the increase in quality and lowering of cost that is needed. By doing this, we believe that we offer exceptional value to our clients.

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What types of roles do we recruit for


We work mainly in the digital, eCommerce & technology sectors with high-growth companies. We work with our clients mainly on mid-senior level roles.  We can work on the agency & client side, but our partnership business model means that we aim to work very closely with our clients on recruitment strategy, hiring process & talent sourcing solutions.  The types of roles that we work on can vary but typically they cover areas like Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, UX/UI, Digital Technology, Creative, Sales & Business Development.  We also help to recruit for senior level roles that help drive business growth for our clients. The key aspect for us is that at each stage we are looking to increase quality and save costs for our clients. 

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