Recruitment offers a varied and exciting career path, and a lot can be learned in terms of building business relationships, and achieving commercial results. It can also at times be challenging and frustrating, and so it takes someone with determination and resilience to succeed. To be successful in recruitment it takes a person who puts a high emphasis and understanding upon being able to effectively communicate and work with people. It also needs a commercial focus, and the ability to persuade.

We generally look to recruit graduates with commercial / business degrees. We look to recruit people who can show the potential to develop the skills that are needed in recruitment, and who can demonstrate the desire needed to succeed in a competitive business. With new Consultants we go through a thorough training plan, that teaches the key skills that are needed. We also apply "on the job" training to help new Consultants learn how to gain, work with and develop new business relationships with clients and candidates. We have monthly progress meetings, and strong support systems, to help develop our team. We offer a competitive salary package + an excellent bonus scheme for new Consultants. The right person can gain a very rewarding career.

The key things that we look for in new Consultants are:-

  • Ideally a Commercial / Business Degree, that has been gained within the last 3 years (we actively look to source new starters directly from University).
  • A self-motivated personality type, who is confident and able to communicate effectively and convey ideas successfully.
  • A resilient character. The ability to take problems and turn them into opportunities.
  • Has the ability and desire to work within a small, dynamic and fast changing environment.
  • Is willing to work as part of a team, and develop skills. Is looking for constant improvement.

Whilst we generally look in the first instance to recruit new graduates, and train them in our values and systems, we do also look to take on experienced Consultants. In this case, we would expect an outstanding track record of success, and someone who wants to work within a small, dynamic business. We would look at what the experienced Consultant could bring to our team and to our clients, and we move forward from there.

With all new recruits into the company, when recruiting we always actively look to check if new Consultants have the ability to work within our company values. If you are interested in working with us, please be sure to take a look at the "Our Values" page, so that you can see how we like to operate as a business, and importantly whether this is the way that you would like to work.

We have offices in London (UK), and Cape Town (South Africa). We are considering new recruit applications for both of these locations.

If you have taken a look at the above, and also at our values page, and you are interested in joining us please email Mark Whitaker ( with your CV details.

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