Tony Hsieh & Delivering Happiness

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This book has been out for a while, and so I’m fairly late to reading it (!) but its a great read for anyone who likes reading about building businesses and entrepreneurship.  There is a clear passion and enthusiasm from Tony Hsieh in the way he has gone about building his businesses that is very […]

What should I be putting into my CV?

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Working in recruitment I naturally get to see a lot of CVs, and I do get lots of question about how to set up CVs and how to present them.  Different sectors require different approaches (for example for a creative web designer, your CV can highlight your creative presentation skills).  Lots of information can be […]

2015 – Happy New Year!

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A New Year is always a time for reflection, and a time to think fresh about things.  We here are no different!   As we look around the world, we still see a fast developing eCommerce market with plenty going on and lots of exciting developments.  There are still challenges and threats within the European […]

Multichannel Fightback

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  The dramatic share price drop of ASOS over this year, is no doubt is a reflection on the very large valuation put on that company, and its growth share price wise. The expectations this placed on results, meant that any bad news would have a large effect on the share price. Profit warnings this […]

Publicis and Omnicom – Merger Breakdown

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  Publicis and Omnicom recently ended their proposed $35bn merger to become the world’s largest advertising agency.  The move always was going to be a challenge to merge two different cultures and two different teams.   Disagreements over key positions within the company and who will be leading key departments looks to have been a […]

Dixons and Carphone Warehouse Merger

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Dixons and Carphone Warehouse have announced talks about a potential merger to create a business with a combined revenue of £12 Billion.   The new business would aim to take advantage of growing demand for tablets and mobile phones, and also to counter competition from online retailers and supermarkets. With a total of 2000 stores […]

Facebook’s $19bn WhatsApp Purchase – Defensive Move?

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Facebook has made the huge purchase of WhatsApp for $19bn.  This brings into focus again the subject of valuations in the tech sector.   With 450 million users, 1 million more being added each day, and 27 billion messages averaged every day on their platform, WhatsApp are a major player – Zuckerberg himself said that […]

Satya Nadella’s Challenges at Microsoft

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  After a long search Microsoft have announced Satya Nadella as its new CEO.  This now brings the next challenge, that of moving Microsoft forward into a new and more challenging time.   The challenges with Windows Phone and their Cloud services will be foremost in these challenges. Making Microsoft into a mobile friendly, service-orientated […]

Getting a Different View With Innovative Interview Techniques

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  I read an article today, that had some very interesting information regarding some very different interview techniques used by some companies to make hires.  In case you want to check it out, I’ve put a link below:   In new times, companies want to do all they can to ensure they get […]

New Challenges and New Opportunities

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  As we move into 2014 (already nearly one month in!) many people have already reflected upon a busy 2013, and also what challenges and opportunities lie ahead for 2014.  Despite our busy lives, we must take the time to reflect, re-focus and re-energise on what is important to us.   Our world puts a […]